MIS 387: Website Design and Administration is a class that teaches students the basics of HTML, CSS, and Java. Additionally, it touches on WordPress and has students create a personal site and a site for a client. This website was created for this class.

Applied, hands-on, interdisciplinary website design/administration course. Acquired concepts, techniques and tools are exercised in individual and team projects. MIS 387 Website Design and Administration (3)This course is designed to teach students how to design, create, deploy, and administer websites. The students will have the opportunity to obtain a solid understanding of some of the tools and techniques, beyond basic HTML, used to publish on the Internet via the World Wide Web. Additionally, the students will learn how to present themselves professionally on the web to a specific target audience. The students’ experiences will not be limited to the design and implementation of a website, but will include the opportunity to work within a team, to understand the benefits of working with client organizations to develop a website, and a web implementation plan.

Penn State Course Description