A G Beaver

Hello! My Name is Amanda G Beaver, and I am currently a fourth year Marketing and Management Information Systems student at Penn State Behrend.

My strengths are that I am a hard worker, I enjoy learning, and I consider myself ambitious.

My weakness is that I have little knowledge about my limits and sometimes I take on more then I can handle, resulting in burning myself out, but this can usually be resolved by taking large assignments and projects and breaking them down into bite sized tasks.


Something I do for fun during college is watch different shows and movies. 

I took many art classes in high school including photo class and drawing & painting. I also took a creative writing class. 

One of my biggest hobbies is writing. I enjoy writing articles, debates, and fiction. 

Something that I enjoy every day is Music. I listen to music everyday, all day. I’ve even created remixes and mashups. 

Past Courses

Clubs and Community Service

Delta Sigma Pi

Intercity Neighborhood Art House

In the Intercity Neighborhood Art House, I volunteered during the summer of 2022. When I was there, I helped teachers with showing the students the proper techniques as well as took pictures of the classes and maintained the computers by making sure they were updated and running smoothly. 

I have been a brother of Delta Sigma Pi since Spring Semester of 2022. In Delta Sigma Pi we focus on helping people grow professionally and socially by putting on events. 


In fall of 2022, I received both the Erie Insurance Group Leader Scholarship and The Lawrence and Elizabeth Held Scholarship 

areas Of Expertise

HArd Skills

I have experience in Python Programming, Database Management, Graphic Design, Marketing Research, Website Design and Data Analysis.  My experience is in SQL Server, Microsoft Access, SPSS, and WordPress

Soft Skills

I am confident in my Problem-solving, Time Management, Organization, and Communication skills. I also have experience with Leadership skills and Customer service as well as Scheduling.